What is better…

…than a sneak-peak of the new blog?

The link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will be posting there from now on so change your bookmarks! I am planning on emailing everyone the link too. Enjoy!


It’s snowing… no comment.

Blog Update!

Earlier this year my dad bought a website domain so that I could have a blog on wordpress.org, which is just like wordpress.com but you can have more widgets and such – but the thing with wordpress.org is that you have to have a website, which brings me back to my dad buying a domain.

So in the next week or so instead of having a blog makeover, my blog will be moving! It will still have all my old content just with a much cuter and more colorful theme and a different web address. It will definitely be up before my blogs third birthday (which we will still celebrate because I will still have all my old posts).

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up. Keep checking back for the post with the new link! And tomorrow I will post a sneak-peak at the theme!

What is a very interesting fact about you? I am random, but everyone already knows that!

What are two things in this world that you love very much? My Faith and Family

What’s the last thing you ate? Cheese (I think…)

Who is your favorite movie/book character?Meg and Jo from Little Women (book) or Miri from Princess Academy (book)

What is your favorite color? Purple, Green, and Blue

Are you random? Duh! You would have to be stupid to ask me that question!

Do you have a totem animal? Umm…no?

How many people follow your main blog? I don’t know, but probably under 10.

What is your favorite animal? Horses and Monkeys


Downhill or Cross-Country skiing? Downhill, but I eventually want to try cross-country

Soda or water?

Weekends vs. School days? Weekends

Trees or flowers? Flowers.


What is your favorite movie? I don’t know…

What is your favorite book? ***faints in horror***

How long have you been on blogger for? 3 years this November, since November 2006

Who are you going to tag?Mary Beth, Katie, Sarah, and Kingmunchy

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Welcome to the teens Abby! Have fun!

First Frost

Yep, last night we got our first frost – frost, not snow. Frost means that during the night the temp. got down to below freezing thus the dew drops froze and in the morning everything was covered in a beautiful layer of frost. Unfortunately, that means it’s getting colder and we are supposed to get our first snowfall on Friday. I can’t decide if I like cold weather or hot weather better, because when it’s cold I want it to be hot and when it’s hot I want it to be cold. So that’s really all I have to say, tomorrow I will write a longer post for your enjoyment :D . Ooooooh! Tomorrow I will post about the change of seasons! Right now our maple is changing to really cool colors that make it look like it’s on fire! Picture will come tomorrow.

Blog Makeover

I am going to change the theme and color scheme here in a few days. I have also been thinking about changing the name, I’m not sure what to yet though (any suggestions welcome). So stick around for my blog makeover!

I will be back tonight to post again – it might just be random stuff, but most of you love that!

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